Let’s Setup and Solve Together

We’re looking to have a growing technology session with interested edugeeks. The goals:

  1. Show folks how they can set up a WordPress install and to run My PDL (professional development and learning).
  2. Show folks how they can install Abre.

After showing, the idea is to have everyone (attempt) to install and run both programs on their own servers. The session is very much intended to be exploratory. Participants will leave with ideas of how they can use the programs in their own situations. There will likely be learning through some trial and error.

Any requirements?

You need a web server and access to the server. The server will need Apache, PHP, and MySQL (we prefer a LAMP setup). If you don’t a server, we’ll send you some instructions on how to get shared hosting for cheap (cheap meaning only using for the training session). Don’t be intimidated by this (it’s pretty easy and cheap to buy shared hosting). But we do need folks to show up with a web server and access to that server.

You’ll also want a domain name attached to that server.


This is a free session (we might pass around a hat for pizza). You may need to pay $5-$30 for web hosting. But that’s up to you.


June 2nd @ Hamilton High School (see map above). We’ll do a morning session of WordPress/MyPDL and an afternoon of Abre. We’ll start at 8:30 and go to 3:30. Figure a break around 11:30.

What is WordPress / MyPDL?

WordPress is a (free) content management system. We use WordPress (and a few key plugins) as a framework to create IPDPs, conduct training, and award/track CEUs. An example: https://edu.hcsdoh.net/

What is Abre?

Abre is an open platform for schools who want to have a creative portal for their staff and students. Abre holds a collection of web apps. It also provides a framework for developers to create standalone web applications. More information can be viewed at https://abre.io